• (DTHM)
    Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management
  • (DHM)
    Diploma in Hotel Management
  • (DMR)
    Diploma in Medical Representative

Benefits of The Course

  • This is online regular course taught through interactive sessions, video class, PPT and live video based tablets with contents. Students can do study at their home by using login ID on web site that means students can do study anywhere. This helps the students to have a clear conception about the job and thus they perform better in the interview board.
  • Royale College will transform aspiring students into confident and communicative professionals who will be groomed to start their career as Medical Representative with Pharma companies.
  • Royal college‚Äôs MR course will gives positivity in the students which in turn help the students to build up a positive attitude.
  • Royale College provide 6 months industrial trainings in pharma companies.
  • Royale College provide communication skills Practice in the Course. Students are given maximum opportunity to speak to practice spoken English.
  • Royale College works on individual personality development of student and guided as per his/her development area.
  • Students can be from varied academic backgrounds are given a strong scientific knowledge by experienced professional of the subject. Students get a thorough conceptual clarity on the subject.
  • Royale college gives clear understanding about Medical Representative job , with the help of industrial training , so that students can answer any question of Interviewers.
  • Mock Interview environment in order to give the students a feel of real interview.
  • Royale college award students from UK body after course completion.